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The absolute must-have for dynamic office looks and not just that! Masculine, oversized lines or feminine and sexy choises, in every case the blazer is undoubtedly a fashion protagonist and showcases your aesthetic! " So, when in doubt ... throw on a blazer!"

  1. Simona Corsellini
    One-button ultra fitted jacket
    €179.60 Regular Price €449.00
  2. Silkaholics
    Double-breasted corduroy blazer
    €142.80 Regular Price €357.00
  3. The Line Project
    Blazer in black color
    €96.00 Regular Price €240.00
  4. The Line Project
    Blazer in ivory color
    €96.00 Regular Price €240.00
  5. Silkaholics
    Oversized σακάκι -πανωφόρι
    €146.00 Regular Price €365.00

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