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Unique fashion for every woman

GEELIST has from its inception viewed fashion from a different perspective — a perspective whose point of reference is the individual, and which gives meaning to styling.

For GEELIST, selling is not an end in itself. Its primary aim is to ensure that each and every woman receives sincere advice and suggestions that help her to choose clothes that really suit her, that enhance her personality and boost her confidence.

So, each and every item chosen by GEELIST is special and has a unique history that can only reveal if it meshes with its wearer’s personality.

GEELIST is therefore the bridge uniting a designers inspiration product with the aesthetics of the woman that selects it. Through this union, a woman’s style is born. We serve women who shop to experience the glamour of fashion, women who want a wide range of information, women who realize that GEELIST is a place where they can see and try on different items and fulfill their stylistic needs.

The clear-cut ideas reflected in GEELIST’s proposed collections and designers bring such a distinct view of the season’s fashions that customers at the shop can easily read the signs leading them to the right choices....

The first shop opened in Thessaloniki, on Agias Sofias Street  bringing something fresh and new to the city’s shopping district. Today it is a shopping hotspot renowned for its stylistic choices. Always standing out thanks to their inspired ideas and impecable styling, the shop windows have been always a fashion statement .

Right after Thessaloniki the first shop opened in Athens was at Kolonaki area, on the corner of Anagnostopoulou and Pindarou Streets followed by two more, one on Levidou Street in Kifissia and the other one, on Dousmani Street in Glyfada.

Collections are displayed at their best advantage in GEELIST with magnificent colour and stylistic combinations that never fail to draw the eye!

Business Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: 10.00 – 16.30
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10.00 – 20.30

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