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Discover the most stylish trousers for your daily needs. If you love the piece that ended up playing one of the most important roles in the female wardrobe, travel throughout our ever -updating collection! High- waisted, bootcut, cropped, printed, tailoring, boyfriend -style, evetything and more is here. All your have to do is choose which one is going to be yours...

  1. Forte Forte
    Flared trousers in lamé velvet
    €189.20 Regular Price €473.00
  2. Forte Forte
    Flared trousers in crushed velvet
    €155.60 Regular Price €389.00
  3. Forte Forte
    Pants in cotton chenille
    €126.00 Regular Price €315.00
  4. Forte Forte
    Flared pants in lame jacquard
    €155.60 Regular Price €389.00
  5. Forte Forte
    Leggings in shiny stretch jersey
    €87.60 Regular Price €219.00

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