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  What does outline the summer mood? Sun, sea and ... my swimsuit! Freedom and that carefree feeling are enclosed by this three-ply! One -piece swimsuits, print or striped bikinis, embed them in your own style and prepate your suitcase. 

  1. Sophie Deloudi
    Printed halterneck triangle bikini
    €66.00 Regular Price €165.00
  2. Sophie Deloudi
    Bikini in yellow lurex
    €60.00 Regular Price €150.00
  3. Sophie Deloudi
    Bikini in lurex
    €64.00 Regular Price €160.00
  4. Sophie Deloudi
    €70.00 Regular Price €175.00
  5. Sophie Deloudi
    Printed bikini
    €64.00 Regular Price €160.00
  6. Forte Forte
    lame bikini in emerald
    €84.00 Regular Price €210.00
  7. Forte Forte
    lame bikini in bronze
    €84.00 Regular Price €210.00

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