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Who has ever gotten it wrong, choosing to wear a dress?

The golden rule of classic fashion dictates that a dress can be the pinnacle of femininity. Discover our suggestions for dresses, that can satisfy your every need. Don't forget:What is important in a dress is the woman who wears it!

  1. Nima
    Crocheted dress in black
    €72.00 Regular Price €120.00
  2. The Line Project
    Linen black midi dress with open back
    €154.80 Regular Price €258.00
  3. Daphne Valente
    Maxi pleated dress in black
  4. Akep
    Jacquard knit dress with geometric pattern
    €105.00 Regular Price €175.00
  5. The Line Project
    Maxi black dress with open back
    €142.20 Regular Price €237.00
  6. Anonyme
    Maxi printed dress
    €77.40 Regular Price €129.00
  7. Anonyme
    Mini wrap printed dress
    €88.20 Regular Price €147.00
  8. Simona Corsellini
    Black dress embellished with fringes
    €178.80 Regular Price €298.00
  9. Simona Corsellini
    Mini belted black dress
    €171.00 Regular Price €285.00
  10. Sabina Musayev
    Sleeveless mini dress with ruched skirt
    €322.20 Regular Price €537.00
  11. Sabina Musayev
    Lace mini dress with sequined embroideries
    €358.80 Regular Price €598.00
  12. Monique Garconne
    Maxi jersey one-shoulder dress
    €268.20 Regular Price €447.00
  13. Monique Garconne
    Printed satin shirt dress with cutout
    €191.40 Regular Price €319.00
  14. Sabina Musayev
    Printed dress
    €309.00 Regular Price €515.00
  15. Monique Garconne
    Maxi jersey dress with cutouts
    €215.40 Regular Price €359.00
  16. Monique Garconne
    Jersey one-shoulder dress
    €167.40 Regular Price €279.00

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