Vic Matie

Vic Matie, begun in 1987. The characteristics of the Vic Matie brand, the focus on creativity, research and experimentation in the search for new design and material solutions, are supported by the Made in Italy know -how inherited by the Linea Marche that guarantee a standard of high quality. The mission of the brand is not only to create beautiful products that define one's style and identity in line with fashion trends, but to design objects that can withstand th test of time.

Vic Matie
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Cognaq -Colouredsuede Chelsea Boots With Crepe Platform And Leather Covered Heel
€ 315
Mesh Sock With Sneaker Sole
€ 215
€ 196
Square Mini Bag . Double Metallic Zip With Maxi Ring And An Adjustable Handle
€ 279
Hiking Style Patent Leatherankle Boots With Sheepskin And A Rubber Box Sole
€ 344
Slip -Ons With Fur Band
€ 295
Packable Maxi Shopper Bag That Can Be Folded Into The Inner Pocket
€ 179