True nyc

Between a man and his goals, often, there is the sea. However, between a boy and his dreams, the ocean is a half-way. It's the story of True New York. It's the story of a guy that the ocean crossed. It is not the distance between us and the desire for the problem, but the size we live in. Giuseppe immediately understands it in the small Mazzarino, Sicily. Across the ocean are the eighties, the most shrewd and carefree of the past millennium. Music, fashion, lifestyle, everything shines like never before. From this part of the hell, instead, to shine are just Joseph's eyes every time he handles needles and threads each time he cuts and designs models. His dreams travel on the fabric weaves that he finds on his country's market. It's where you learn to know the fabrics with their different consistencies and effects. It is among those benches that refine its talent. There is something unique in that place, though, where everything is still hand-made, craftily as a precious work. That is how Joseph learns the tailor's craft. Listen, watch, work, experiment and invent. It's in the pants that his talent has the natural vocation. It is in that boss that exerts itself to excel, offering its interpretation of the learned tailor-made knowledge of the world. America is the center of the world and New York is the hub of that country. From that side of the ocean, Giuseppe lets himself be contaminated, strong in his bag of knowledge and abilities. There, it's like screaming and feeling returning an echo. That place is a resonant chest for creativity, frantic as its ideas shake. Craft knowledge meets new trends and is contemporary. The creations of the young Giuseppe become increasingly numerous until they become a collection, in which the classic canons of Italian manufacture mix with new styles and needs. Versatile heads, with metropolitan flavor and perfect fit, made as once to be worn at all times.

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