Menelaos Thedosiades

His love for creation and his need to express himself fill him with passion for new continuous pursuits with materials and techniques which make his designs perfect but also inspire him with new radical ideas. From the very beginning of his studies, as an Interior Designer, Menelaos Theodosiades was motivated by this specific power to create subversive items always focusing on art and contemporary life as well as on his own concerns due to daily pressures. Guided by his artistic concernments he has dealt with architectural design, the design of furniture and lightings, the interior and exterior design, the stage theatre design and the design of costumes. While being busy with all this, he discovered his great love, jewels. Therefore, he commenced creating his own handmade series of jewelry.
"I believe that art and aesthetics in fashion have the same perception. Art is creation and fashion is elegance. An empty space is a canvas for my sector as an interior designer such as a woman is, to create fashion."...

Menelaos Thedosiades
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Velvet Jumpsuit
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Glitter Dress
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