The Ermanno Ermanno Scervino collection is the ready to wear line for a young female target, dynamic and international. The new line promotes a concept of affordable luxury that is in continious evolution. The Ermanno Ermanno Scervino woman loves fashion and the latest trends, she enjoys mixing and matching styles, from elaborate knitwear, to the faux leathers, denim and technical down jackets. The outfits accompany her from day to night, offering an experience of a total look in line with the Ermanno Scervino values.

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€ 235
Shirt W/ Embroidery
€ 336
Trousers With Side Embroidery
€ 333
Silked Trousers
€ 182
Lace Blouse With Puffy Sleeves
€ 299
Mid Sleeve Dress
€ 294
Striped Trousers
€ 275
Sleeveless Lace Top
€ 210
Sleeveless Top W/ Rhinestone's Neck
€ 245
Mid Sleeve T-Shirt W/ Embroidery
€ 245
Mid Sleeve Dress With Lace
€ 330